In 2018, we helped over 300 refugees with various immigration needs. Refugees are required to apply for green cards after being in the US for one year and then can apply for citizenship after five years. We also have assisted many asylees. We help refugees replace lost green cards or work authorization cards. We are recognized by the Department of Justice to provide these legal immigration services.

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An article from The Tennessean about our after-school program

This article appeared in The Tennessean Ms. Cheap column on December 15, 2014

Nations Academy, our after-school and summer reading program, serves refugee children by providing homework help, individualized internet-based reading tutoring, summer reading intensives, and enrichment activities.  In 2017-2018 school year, on average, each child improved 1.13 reading grade levels and 100% of middle school students improved in at least one academic subject--all an amazing achievement for children who have so much to overcome and are learning English for the first time!  Click here to learn more about how we use Lexia.


In 2018, our elders program served 44 refugee elders from Nepal. 25 elders are able to attend classes three times a week and learn about life in America and be enriched by a partnership with Westminster Presbyterian Church Joy in Learning program. We have fulfilled 55 social service requests to improve the lives of refugee elders. We have refugee elders gain an additional $80,135.54 in income. Visit here to learn more about refugee elders.