As more of us live longer lives, we all want older Americans to have the opportunity to lead meaningful, connected lives.

Thanks to your generosity and the leadership giving of the West End Home Foundation, we began serving Nepali elders in 2018 through our innovative Front Porch program which combines culturally-relevant classroom experiences, enrichment events, and language-specific case management.

With over 1,200 refugee elders in Middle Tennessee, this growing community faces extreme social isolation and roadblocks to accessing care and services.  Together, we help refugee elders connect with one another to reduce social isolation and foster healthier, happier lives.  Our classroom experiences and enrichment events provide those vital opportunities.  Westminster Presbyterian Church’s Joy in Learning provides regular enriching experiences.  Through language-specific assistance, elders receive help in navigating healthcare and other systems for a better quality of life.   

Together, we are helping older Americans lead meaningful, connected, and healthier lives.