A refugee has fled persecution.  They have survived wars, trauma, deprivation.  Lived in the uncertainty of refugee camps.  Resettled by the US government, they have been given a chance for a better life. 

But obstacles remain. 

Jobs have to be found.  English must be learned.  A new culture navigated. New foods.  New schools.  Different ways of thinking about time and relationships.  Figuring out healthcare. 

Nations Ministry Center is committed to helping refugees rebuild their lives.


Rev. Leigh Bonner, Job Coach and Chaplain
Mary Dimngaihlian, Jobs GROW Coach
Chris Lovingood, Executive Director
Sandy Maxwell, Office Manager
Abby Mosby, Director of Youth Success
Viateur Sibomana, Jobs GROW Coach
Shee Yah, GROW Coach Rutherford

Nations Academy Assistants: Megan Evans, Laura Flemming, Kira Leander, Rachel Privett, and Kate Worley


Lisa Beasley(Board Chair)
Theresa Carl
Davis Chaffin
Katie Crumbo
Tanza Farr (Secretary)
Susan Griffin
Mike Koban
Sandy Maxwell (Treasurer)
Dr. Ann Neely
Dr. Brent Pennington
Steve Roche
Steve Sanders
Ashely Zeiger-Peak




Through immigration services to help refugees maintain legal status and by helping refugees with everyday challenges, Nations Ministry helps families overcome those obstacles that might prevent them from becoming genuinely self-sufficient.


Our after-school tutoring program NATIONS ACADEMY and summer reading program THE BIG READ help refugee children learn to read better. We also connect families to successful schools.  More info.


You help refugees find jobs through our Job Coach and GROW Coach.  We help refugees learn how to find jobs, coach them through the process, and help them find better jobs as they gain skills.  More info.

Nations Ministry Center is incorporated in the State of Tennessee and is a non-profit organization under IRS section 501(c)3.  We are also an outreach of the Presbytery of Middle Tennessee of the Presbyterian Church (U.S.A.).  All services are completely nonsectarian in nature.  Our work is a partnership of many individual donors, churches of various denominations, generous foundations, and the Tennessee Office for Refugees.  All gifts are tax deductible.  Visit our profile at Givingmatters.com.